Inline Centrifugal Fans – CCB / CCT Series

The CCB (240v) and CCT (415V) range of AOM inline Centrifugal fans are quiet in operation, quality in construction, Australian designed and manufactured and importantly, economical products.

Cronin’s Inline Centrifugal fans are manufactured from sturdy galvanised sheet with mounting flanges attached, making them easy to install onto ductwork.

We supply a variety of sizes ranging from 500mm diameter rotor to 710mm rotor, in either single or three phase and 2 or 4 pole motors

The Solar & Palau ROTOREX motors with self-resetting thermal overload protection are of induction type, asynchronous, with external rotor. The ball bearings are totally enclosed and greased for life, ensuring continuous operation and low noise.

The impellor assembly is dynamically balanced and every fan is run tested prior to leaving our workshop.