BBQ Range Hood FAQs

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BBQ Range Hood FAQs

ALFRESCO ELITE 900 • 1200 • 1500

Depending on where you intend to install you BBQ, you may need to install a rangehood over your BBQ. Please see our information sheet for further details .

Are your range hoods Australian Made?

Yes. All our range hoods are manufactured from quality stainless steel in our factory at Mile End, South Australia. Every unit is fully welded and has a hand finished grain, polished by one of our qualified tradies.


We suggest selecting a range hood that is wider than your BBQ. By allowing your range hood to overhang the sides of the cooking surface of your BBQ by at least 100mm, then you have the best chance of capturing the smoke as it rises. If you are unsure which size range hood is suitable for you, please contact one of our staff and they can help select the right one for your application.

What Fan options are available?

Each range hood size has a fan selected as standard,

LENGTH:900mm • 1,200mm • 1,500mm
WIDTH:800mm • 800mm • 800mm
HEIGHT:400mm • 400mm • 400mm
FANS:Ø300mm • Ø350mm • Ø400mm
MAX AIRFLOW:1,700m3/h • 2,900m3/h • 5,000m3/h

These fans have been selected for the optimal extraction of smoke from your alfresco area based on general cooking intensity. For heavy duty cooking, each unit can be upsized. By opting for a remote fan, it is easy to increase the air volume by selecting another fan. If you feel this might be for you please talk to one of our staff and they can help you select the right fan for your application.

Can I speed control the fan?

Yes. We can supply a variable speed switch as an option.

Can I mount the fan out side?

Yes. All the fans can be mounted remotely.

How should I duct the range hood?

You can duct the range hooD either via the top or the unit and out through your roof, or rear discharge through the back of the hood body. Do not put sharp bends into your extraction system, as this will reduce the effectiveness of your fan to extract the cooking fumes.

What Size duct should I use?

You should use duct at least equal to the size of the fan you have installed. Never reduce the size of the duct, as this will impact the effectiveness of the fan to extract your cooking fumes. The larger the cross section of the duct, the more efficient your fan will be

Can I use flexible duct?

No. Flexible duct can pose a fire hazard. We recommend using duct made from galvanised, stainless steel, or other non-porous, non flammable material.

Can Cronin supply ducting for you?

Yes. Cronin Fabrication has a range of standard flue and ducts available, or can custom make duct for your specific application.

Should I top or rear vent my range hood?

Top or rear vented units are both efficient at removing the cooking fumes from your alfresco area. To vent via the top or back really depends on the layout of your alfresco area. If beams or gutters are going to interfere with the duct, then a rear vent option may be best. If the rear wall that your hood is going to be mounted on is on the boundary of your property then a top vented option will probably be better.

Is installation available?

We do not offer installation directly; however, we can put you in touch with several installers who will be happy to do it for you.

Do I need and electrician to connect my fan and LED lights?

Yes. The fan and lights need to be hard wired.

Why do you use honeycomb filters instead of baffle or mesh filters?

Honeycomb filters allow for maximum grease collection while still maintaining airflow.

Honeycomb filters are the preferred filter system used in commercial kitchen exhaust hoods throughout Australia. The aluminium construction form as a honeycomb shape which forces the grease laded air to split into many separate air streams and rapidly change direction. The inertia of the grease from the air’s change of direction forces the grease to cling and condense onto the filter. This removes the grease from the air stream. A honeycomb filter also allows air to flow through it easily, this then doesn’t affect the performance of the fan.

Baffle filters put a lot more pressure on the fan, so less air is exhausted when compared to honeycomb filters. Mesh filters allow air to flow through them more easily, but are significantly less effective at removing grease, they also need cleaning more often.

We believe honeycomb filters are best for BBQ range hoods.

Why are your filters on an angle and not flat?

The angle of the filter and inside face of your range hood are designed to maximise the capture area. This ensures the maximum amount of smoke and grease is contained in the hood before being exhausted by the fan. The large capture area and tapered filters means you have less chance of smoke spilling into your alfresco area. Other range hoods have flat filters (parallel to the cooking surface) which can lead to the smoke bouncing away from the range hood and therefore not getting removed.

Also, when flat mounted filters accumulate with grease, the excess can drip back onto your cooking surface, contaminating your BBQ and food. Angled filters allow the excess grease to drain out of the filter where it is channeled into the grease gutter for easy removal via the drain plug.

How do I keep stainless steel looking new?

Your BBQ Range Hood is manufactured from premium grade T304 stainless steel, Stainless steel is a low maintenance material, but is not maintenance free. Providing you follow a few simple procedures it’s aesthetic appeal will last for years. Do not use abrasive cleaners, scourers, or cloths, as these will damage the surface. Do not use powder cleaners. Always wipe in the direction of the grain or polish. For further information please see our Stainless Care and Cleaning Guide.

To discover more, call us on (08) 8234 0096 or send us an email. Our friendly team are ready to help you enjoy the alfresco experience you deserve.

Alfresco Elite Features & Benefits

  • Durable, Easy to Clean Stainless Steel
  • Fully Welded Construction
  • Commercial Grade Honeycomb Grease Filter • LED lights
  • “Greased for Life” Fan Bearings
  • Self Resetting Thermal Overload Protection
  • 240V 10A power supply
  • Aiflow Maximum of 5,000m3/h

Optional Extras

  • Stainless Steel Duct Covers
  • Remote & Wireless Operation
  • Top or Rear Vented


LENGTH:900mm • 1,200mm • 1,500mm
WIDTH:800mm • 800mm • 800mm
HEIGHT:400mm • 400mm • 400mm
FANS:Ø300mm • Ø350mm • Ø400mm
MAX AIRFLOW:1,700m3/h • 2,900m3/h • 5,000m3/h


Elite 900$3,900
Elite 1200$4,300
Elite 1500$4,700
*Including GST