The Easi-Air range of inline centrifugal fans is offered in situations where a higher static air pressure is required than the Easi-Air Axial products. The standard range incorporate emc backward curved centrifugal impellors with an external rotor motor, mounted in a galvanised housing and inlet cone to maximise performance.

The inline centrifugal fans are available in three standard sizes;

  • 220-diameter motor in a 300 barrel;
  • 250-diameter motor in a 300 barrel and;
  • 280-diameter motor in a 350 barrel.

The fan and motors are dynamically balanced in two planes and every fan is run tested prior to leaving our workshop.

All standard motors include sealed for life ball bearing assemblies of type 2Z. The life expectancy (L10) of the ball bearing assemblies used in all emc products is 40,000 hours when used with a horizontal or vertical motor shaft position and operated in maximum air stream temperature of +40º C.

Please see attached catalogue for fan curves and electrical data.