The stainless steel honeycomb filters inside the kitchen exhaust hood act as a barrier against the flames getting through the ducting system. They control the large particles generated during the cooking process but are ineffective in removing the finer grease particles, oil mist, cooking fumes, smoke and odour. These pollutants build-up in the duct, the fan, on the roof or on the side walls of the building. They are highly flammable and frequently cause fires.

The EAN-Series, our high performance kitchen exhaust air cleaner provides effective containment for air pollutants and prevents possible fire hazards. It also reduces air duct cleaning maintenance while keeping air free of irritating smoke and greasy odour. The treated air can then be re-circulated back into the kitchen exhaust hood or expelled out of the building at roof or street level.

Our air cleaner is design based on the principle of ESP “electrostatic precipitation”. The ESP removes fine particles (efficiency more than 98% as per the USyd Certification as below) by charging the particles first and subsequently precipitating them into a collector cell.

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Stainless Steel Honey Comb Filters

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