BBQ Exhaust Hood

Enjoying a gorgeous sunset with your friends and family, while you slide the next juicy steak onto the barbeque is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Simple? Maybe.

But undoubtedly, one of the most rewarding ways to spend an evening. Especially, when you can forget about the mess. And, more people than ever before are realizing this. People now know the secret to the perfect work/life balance. It’s a  BBQ Exhaust Hood – saving you time and improving your dining experiences.

Cronin’s BBQ Exhaust Hood, designed to specific commercial kitchen requirements, keeps your outdoor entertaining area free of smoke, smells and grease. But, most importantly, it means you’ll be cooking like a chef.

All handcrafted, fully welded, stainless steel constructions, our premium rangehoods boast commercial grade, honeycomb grease filters as standard. That means no more sticky situations during or after. Their classic, stylish appearance make them blend elegantly into your outdoor entertaining area. LED lighting guarantees no matter how late the party goes, you can keep serving up delicious treats. And, with the fan’s max capacity airflow reaching a high of 2900 m3/hr, you’re enjoying a smokeless experience.

Alfresco dining with your loved ones, or on your own, has never been so easy.

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