AOM Hoods have been certified to AS1668.2-2012. They are classified under Hood Type 7 Proprietary Equipment.

AS1668.2-2012 Clause 3.6 Ventilated Ceilings and Proprietary Kitchen Exhaust Equipment states that “the basis for these designs is to lower energy costs by reducing exhaust air requirements and, consequently, they generally require more detailed calculation methods”.

AOM Australia uses the AS1668.2-2012 validated German guideline VDI 2052 for the calculation of the hood airflow. The airflow calculation is based on the number of watts generated by the cooking equipment and not the overall size of the hood, meaning that surfaces such as bench tops situated under the hoods are not included in the airflow calculations.

This indicates that AOM Hoods have a reduced airflow compare to standard hoods (between 20-40%).

AOM Hoods have a larger overhang over the cooking equipment when compared to a standard hood.

AOM Hoods are designed so that low velocity supply air flows through the front perforated face of the hood. Together with the larger overhang, it ensures that fumes and heat produced by cooking surges are kept inside the hood before being filtered and exhausted.