Cronin Fabrications’ display stands offer a rigid and durable option to the many plastic displays available. UV resistant, the Polycarbonate coated wire holders are strong, durable, resist cracking and don’t fade like traditional plastic displays.

Australian made, Cronin stands are available in a wide variety of standard sizes and colours, or we can custom design and manufacture displays that will ensure your product is the centre of attention.

Cronin display spinners incorporate an easy ‘mix and match’ option that allows you to choose the size and quantity of brochures to be displayed. Available as 3, 4 or 6 sided carousel spinners, you have the option of adding the number and type of pockets required using Cronin’s unique clip-on pocket panels. Also, the clip-on panels can be purchased separately allowing flexibility should your display needs change.

Used as a Point of Sale POS, post card, card displays, brochure stands, card stand, card rack, stand holder, stand show, display rack, greeting card display, picture stand, retail stand or flyer display, our spinners are flexible enough to highlight you products.